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The Animals' World 1 – Environmentally-friendly poems & facts for children and adults



The Animals’ World I is a book of 22 hilarious animal poems spiced with colourful pictures and informative fact sections of the animals. The poems ask questions like... what do frogs think of ponds grown over with plant life, why butterflies might start an environmental club or what is the polar bear's position in the climate change? The poems have also a zany side: what kind of a cook would a black-headed gull make or what would a horse be doing in a pear-tree?​​


The book & The Animals’ World exhibition was a nominee for The City of Helsinki Environmental Award 2009 which is an annual recognition for valuable acts to improve the state of the environment and the wellbeing of people.

The Animals' World 1

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  • Written by Marsa Pihlaja | Illustrated by Marsa Pihlaja I Original title: Eläinten maa – Ympäristöystävällisiä runoja & tietoa lapsille ja aikuisille | Publisher: Annexus Publishing | Class: Children´s illustrated poetry & non-fiction | Pages: 52 | Format: 210 x 210 mm | Binding: Hardcover | Colours: Full colour illustrations | English translation: 'The Animal's World – Environmentally-friendly poems & facts for children and adults' by Owen Witesman.​

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