Chicken Illustration from Strange Things Afoot! The Animal's World 2
Taipei International Book Fair, TIBE, in Taiwan two years in a row! 

The Animal's World 1 – Environmentally-friendly poems & facts for children and adults illustrated the Finnish Stand of TIBE (2012) as the theme was Green Reading – which suited ​perfectly for the ideology of my books. 

The next year's (2013) theme in Taipei was Joyful Reading, when my book Strange Things Afoot! The Animal's World 2 represented Finnish children's literature among other books selected from Finland.  


Animal's World Exhibitions are fun! 


Since 2009 The Animal's World 1 exhibitions have toured in tens of children's cultural centers, galleries and libraries – being very popular among children & adults, kindergardens as well as preschools and elementary schools.

The colourful spreads of the book enlarged to the size of 1600 x 800 mm framed canvases have not only inspired many kindergarden and preschool groups to make their own poems and pictures but also given many important aspects to talk & think about afterwards.

The exhibitions have also given the kids a chance to learn how to 'behave' in an exhibition: to comment politely, discuss the artworks, exchange experiences and – write their own name in the guest book, just like the adults do! 

New Exhibitions, new activities! 

The Animal's World 2 exhibitions are available for children's cultural centers, galleries and libraries. Well over 1,500 children have already visited the latest exhibition and the tour continues.

The 12 colourful, large canvases with pictures, poems, facts and funny speech bubbles give much to see and talk about. Demonstrations like: how to spin yarn from lamb wool – simple but unknown facts for many city children nowadays or how and why to recycle a used bottle and then get a refund – tiny but important things to learn...  


All themes are picked from my latest book. Around the exhibitions we also arrange interesting & inspiring workshops for the kids!